We use 50cl bottles for our beer. New bottles are bought as needed, a whole pallet at a time - 1900 pcs. We recycle as many bottles as possible if we can get them properly clean.
If the bottles are rinsed right after they have been emptied and labels are removed, recycling is fine.
We use labels that we print on a label printer, only black and white as otherwise it will be too expensive.
The labels are provided with an adhesive which makes them easy to remove without having to soak.

The bottles are soaked in MIP MA, dissolved in water in a large pot. After 1-2 days, all residues and impurities are dissolved. We can fill an entire box at a time with a rinsing stand and pump, so it only takes approx. 30 seconds to fill an entire box.










The bottles are then scrubbed with a bottle cleaner, emptied and rinsed with a rinsing rack 3 x 10 seconds. Box turned upside down during rinsing. The stainless steel plate prevents bottles from falling out. The beam easily reaches 4 meters up with normal waterworks pressure.



The boxes are rinsed with heigh pressure so that they are free of dirt, and the bottles are turned upside down in the box so that they can drip off.

We can scrub and flush 32 boxes in under an hour with 5 men and concentrated work.

Immediately before bottling, the bottles are turned and steamed with 4 bar steam, so that the bottles become approx. 80 degrees, then they are clean and germ-free.