Welcome to our brewing universe.

  • Brewery v1 - In a utility room
  • Brewery v2 - The Brewery
  • Brewery v3 - New mash vessel
  • Brewery v4 - New sparkle pots & Wort vessel
  • Brewery v4 - Plate cooler
  • Brewery v4 - Yeast starter
  • Brewery v4 - 380 liters fermenter
  • Brewery v5 -150 liters sparkel pots
  • Brewery v6, now ready on full 360 liters brewing, with increased mash and wort tuns an stainless pot racks
  • Brewery v6, extraction which removes steam and heat from the process. Built-in muffler so it is durable to listen to.
  • Brewery v7, new 150 liters fermenter, and fermenters lined up
  • Bewery v7, New 300L mash tun with motor stirrer. Setting up brewing equipment adapted.













Questions to the Bewery:
Contact: bryghuset@oelbryghus.dk