Brew 110 & 111


On Saturday the 18th, the little brewery was in full swing
We started at 7.00 and brewed 2 brews on the same day, so we were only finished at. 18.00.

At the same time as we were brewing, we took advantage of the time to reorganize a bit on the shelves and space for the fermentation tanks. In addition, our crane was mounted above the basement. Acrylic sheets in the ceiling above the tank area were also created so that things do not scatter into the tanks.
The large 380L tank contains 300 liters of Løjm Kölsch and the 3 small, 150 L tanks, 300L Løjm IPA. They ferment quietly and there is a wonderful scent in the brewery.
Due to Corona, we have not brewed very much, so we have run out of beer, almost.