Brew No 107 Løjmfjordsporter


A little Sunday brew, Sunday the 15th of December. We were actually supposed to brew on Saturday, but the yeast was a long way off, so the yeast starter only started on Friday. Should have had one more day, but we think it works.

We will brew 220 liter Porter, according to a recipe from Thisted Bryghus - Limfjordsporter. However, it will not be quite a faithful copy, they make it so well, but an almost - that is, a LøjmFjordsPorter. However, we have not modified drastically, just adapted to what we think can be just as good. It is an underfermented beer that must ferment in our "cellar" out in front of the brewery.
The last time we brewed it, it turned out really good, so we're looking forward to the result.

We tapped yesterday, 18-01-2020. The result was absolutely amazing. Maybe closer to the original version than the first one we made. Bottled 228 liters. Mums….