Brew No 106 Løjm Doppelbock


On Saturday the 9th of November we brewed approx. 200 liter Doppelbock.
We have acquired a new 150 L fermentation tank, so we now have 2 of this size. As we ferment underfermented beer in our ‘cellar’, the tank must not become larger in diameter. There is only one approach the size of a manhole cover.

We make decoctions mashing. 1/3 of the mash is moved to one of our 150 liter pots and ‘boiled’ for 25 minutes before it is then poured back into the mash.
It became a lengthy process. We were teased a lot when we had to pump the mash to the Wort vessel. The mash vessel stopped at the bottom so we bothered for a long time to get it pumped over. It succeeded in the end.

Fermentation has proceeded as intended and we have reached the target of 9.2% vol.
We tapped on November 30th. It tasted super good, gets exciting when there is also a little CO2 in the bottles.